About Diana Eastty

I began my high-tech career as a systems engineer with the Federal Division of Datapoint Corporation in Washington DC.  At the time, my primary responsibility was to make sure that the hardware and software solutions sold by the salespeople would correctly solve the customer’s problems!  I traveled the United States extensively to install those solutions and train new customers on how to use them.

I transitioned into my first marketing role by leveraging my technical skills as a liaison between Engineering and Product Marketing at Data General.  Here I was responsible for working with both teams to design and execute successful new product launch events, in addition to demonstrating DG’s software and hardware in the Executive Briefing Center.  It was in this role that I had my first exposure to the storage industry by participating in the launch of the first CLARiiON RAID Array … the data storage industry has been my focus ever since.

I took the plunge into Product Marketing with the StorageWorks division of Digital Corporation.  Later on, I held a similar role at EMC.  But my true passion was discovered when I signed on with Storability Software.  It was there that I realized how energizing startup companies can be – I was part of the team that built the company’s identity from the ground up.  Storability was sold to StorageTek, which was sold to SUN Microsystems just 10 short months later.

In early 2006 I founded Eastty Marketing and except for 16 months between August of 2011 and November of 2012 when I was the VP of Marketing for the Enterprise Strategy Group, I have never looked back.  Today, my company acts as a “virtual marketing department” for the storage industry.

I live 30 miles south of Boston, in the heart of the east coast storage industry, with my husband, and two daughters.  When not running my household taxi service, I enjoy baking, scrapbooking, swimming, sailing, reading and getting outside for nice brisk walks with my Shih Tzu puppy Jasmine.

Here she is…