Case Study: Brand Development

Client goals

When CentricInfo first approached us, they were just starting out. They needed to clarify their brand messaging to reflect the expertise and services they were offering.  They also needed to develop a look and feel that reflected their personality in a professional way, all while keeping costs under control.

What we did

We walked them through our methodology of analyzing their goals, identifying how they do what they do, and clarifying what makes them different from their competition.  As an outcome of this process, we delivered to them a few thematic messaging options, and a recommendation that they rename their company from “Data Management Consulting Services” to something more memorable.  We worked together to refine those themes into final messaging that would resonate with their target audience.  In addition, we developed a visual identity they could be proud of and integrated that identity across their marketing collateral and website.

New logos and website


“As a small startup we needed help with naming our company, developing our initial messaging, and creating an identity. Eastty Marketing guided us through a process which allowed us to achieve brand clarity and focus our value proposition.   We continue to depend on Diana to keep our marketing strategy on track and on message.”

–Julie Lockner, Founder and Senior Consultant, CentricInfo