Our Services

Typically our services fall into the following four areas:

Customized services can be designed to meet your specific needs.

Corporate Branding

Whether you are an established company in need of a brand tune-up, or a new startup without a name or identity – we have the experience to take you to the next level.

We start with a thorough discovery process to analyze your current brand.  The outcome of this phase helps us develop the messaging, identity and voice that best reflects your company culture, and the problems you solve for your customers.  Our process includes a series of  interviews with company leaders where we ask the questions that help you get clear, and help us get creative.  We learn about your vision and what makes your products unique.  We also complete a thorough competitive analysis to ensure we differentiate your company in tonality, attitude and appearance.  We use this analysis to develop a look  and feel that is uniquely yours and makes you memorable among your target customers.  Once your brand is launched we can manage your branding program moving forward.

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Awareness Building

Building awareness in the hearts and minds of your target customer is an ongoing process requiring attention to detail.  Ensuring you have the elements you need and the systems in place to make you successful is what we do.

Initially we help you establish realistic goals for your outbound communications program, and then we design and manage a plan that helps you reach or exceed those goals. If you are in need of collateral, we create and produce it.  If you are in need of a comprehensive social media strategy, we help you navigate the appropriate options.  If you are in need of help keeping your website fresh and engaging, we will do that too.  We do all this by checking in with you on a weekly basis, agreeing on priorities, and delivering within your budget.   We take care of the details, so you don’t have to.

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Demand Generation

You can never have enough leads.  Right?  Well the answer is actually Yes … and No. By helping you define what you need upfront, we can develop an integrated demand generation program that delivers appropriate and qualified leads to your sales force.

It may be a quick direct-mail postcard with an engaging offer.  You may want to partner with a third-party and reach a new audience. Or you may want to create a 3D-mailer targeting a limited high-end audience.  There are many cost effective opportunities available today using both online and direct approaches.  Working with you, we will  map out a campaign strategy, deliver results, and help you design a lead nurturing program for the long-term.

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Event Planning and Support

Face-to-face events and seminars are a very effective method of engaging with prospects and customers.  But to execute flawlessly and cost effectively you need to know how to work with the event producers and contractors.

Event planning deadlines are many, and vary from contractor to contractor.  When you miss a deadline it can be costly.   That’s where Eastty Marketing comes in.   We understand what it takes to make the most of face-to-face opportunities. We help you design an event strategy, and handle all the logistics on your behalf.  We monitor the deadlines, act as liaison with the venue, negotiate the contracts, identify speakers, order the giveaways, develop the signage, manage everything on-site … and much more behind the scenes.   After the event, we can design a follow-up and lead nurturing program to make the most of the new contacts you have uncovered.

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